How much Phones are Important?

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If we just go back 14- 15 years from now, the word phone used to be Elite. Only Less people owns it and life was happy without phone with no worries how will you catch your nears and dears to do a conversation.
Then there came a sudden change of technology and phone became handy with everyone. It really no matter who earns how much , anyone can buy and use a phone. But how many actually knows how to ethically use phone.
Phone Communication has grown like anything but Phone Mannerism has gone down like anything. There are lot of chances because of this technology we can see real life or business getting moved off.
There are huge amount of benefits of phone technology but when it comes to demerits only few ones can destroy the benefits and make it unusable. Whereas  still whatever demerits it has the usage will be increased every day and more changes will come.
It will be appreciated if we can start something on “How to Learn Phones and there Limited Usage” will make life more happier!

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