How much of Nutrients does your mind gets?

Opening TOI today was marvelous. I saw two articles in DT (Delhi Times) while flipping over the pages that read: ‘How much of sleep do you get?’ and how much of nutrients does your hair gets.’ It initially was irritation which converted into a smile at the intelligence of the writer and of course the readers too (Undoubtedly no articles would publish without suitable readers).


I was actually bewildered…which way are we moving??? So much of interest in hair and skin and their health…!!! Look at pointers…are you using eggs or organic eggs; are you using honey, mehndi, aloe Vera and the list goes endless. A dirt or spot on the attire and so much of cautiousness. Absolutely clean, spotless, wrinkle-free must be the outfit, and must be the make-up impeccable, wonderful hairdo and MIND…??? ….full of spots…spots of greed, hatred, jealousy, anger, comparison, competition, violence and fragmentation….and this never gets any attention. What is our mental health? What about it?


Statistically speaking, almost one third of American population visit psychiatrist. This too are those who accepted and agreed that such help is required. The scenario worldwide would be no different, just that there are cultural inhibitions in many countries and hence the numbers may be low. But the figure is not important. What is important is the indication that we are getting. And that is, acknowledge or not, we are mentally ill.


All this is nothing but an indication of the dull life that we all are living. The dullness and darkness is so deep that we are scared to look into it, find reality and clean the spots. Instead, we have chosen an easier way out so that we just don’t have to confront anything ….keep polishing the exterior like we get regular polishing of walls of our home, do it with the best available polish, and forget all about the foundation. Let it be wrecked. It’s Okay, after all, all that is visible is the exterior. Just that, the show must go on.

We don’t take slightest of the time to blame the society, the politicians, the rich and the poor – but what other society can we have if we are such human beings. The question – do we deserve anything better – keeps disturbing me, always.  I feel the answer certainly is no.

And then I understand why Ayn Rand makes a statement “To sell your soul is the easiest thing in the world. That’s what everybody does every hour of his life. If I asked you to keep your soul – would you understand why that’s much harder?” (Fountainhead).

But then I also know that man only has the capability to live to his highest, be pure and spotless. Really spotless. For I can’t stop remembering what Kabir says:

कबीरा मन निर्मल भया, जैसे गंगा नीर

पाछे पाछे हरी फिरे कहत कबीर कबीर II

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