HomePod, Siri with a New Voice & Software

Apple unveiled new hardware, including a Siri-powered speaker, and previewed upcoming iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch features as the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference announced on June 5th, 2017.

An internet-connected speaker called HomePod is coming in December for about $350. The speaker is similar to cheaper devices from Amazon and Google.Apple says it’s giving more emphasis to sound quality, not just smarts. Jan Dawson, chief analyst with Jackdaw Research, says the price is good for a high-end audio device. Besides playing music, Apple’s Siri digital assistant will also respond to requests for information and other help around the house.

Here is a feature overview:

  • Apple‑designed A8 chip.

  • Seamless mesh fabric in Space Grey or White.

  • High‑excursion woofer.

  • Internal low-frequency calibration microphone for automatic bass correction.

  • Six‑microphone far-field beam forming array.

  • Seven‑tweeter beam forming array, horn-loaded tweeters, each with its own custom amplifier.

  • Touch sensitive LED Waveform indicator and control.

  • Dimensions:6.8 inches high (172 mm)5.6 inches wide (142 mm)

  • Weight: 5.5 pounds (2.5 kg)

The current HomePod Siri domains are:

  • Music

  • News

  • Unit Conversions

  • Messages

  • Reminders

  • Podcasts

  • Alarms & Timers

  • Translation

  • Stocks

  • General knowledge

  • Weather

  • Trafic & Nearby

  • Sports

  • Home (app)

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