Hidden TIPS and TRICKS You Should Know About Your WHATS APP…

Whatsapp has swiftly grown from a small startup to one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, with over one billion users.  WhatsApp today has more than a billion users who are actively sending messages and communicating over voice around the globe. Though users could say that other apps were already ahead of WhatsApp, a slow implementation works well in WhatsApp’s favor.

Until date, WhatsApp has released a lot of features that you can use for messaging. Apart from messaging features, there are several tweaks and tricks that you can do with WhatsApp.

Format your text

You can now send messages in bold, italics or strikethrough too. Simply use the special characters before and after the words to get the formatting of your choice. For example, use asterisk for bold (*hello*), underscore for italics (_hello_) and tilde for strikethrough (~hello~).

Add dates to your calendar

This is presently only available on iPhone. If your contact sends you a date within the chat, you will be able to see it in blue and underlines. Simply long pressing on the date can allow you to add the dates to your calendar and create an event.

Send messages to yourself

Sometimes you need to test a message before sending them out. You can send them to yourself on WhatsApp before sending it to your contact. To do this, simply create a WhatsApp group, add a friend and then delete him from the group. Now you are alone in that group, and you can send messages there. It is also a great option for taking quick notes.


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