Happy is Healthy/ Live Healthy With Happiness

Happiness is that small word which depicts everything in its meaning and its very importance in everyone’s life. To live a successful and self satisfied life happiness plays a vital role in that. And that happiness can come from various factors like your family, your surroundings and many other things. Happy life helps you to take difficult things in a positive way at first sight rather than taking them negative. But yes it’s a contradictory statement. It is impossible to look at the things positively all the time. Basic difference lays in the thinking process of every individual as well their outlook towards any circumstances or any problem.

Some handle it calmly and get out of it easily where as those with pessimistic approach find it hard to solve the situation. And this is what is known as the difference which is their between a person who is spending his life happily and the one who is leading it unhappily. So a happy person always thinks optimistically while doing anything. This was one aspect “to be optimistic”. There are many other things which an individual need to follow to live a happy life. Most of the negativity comes when we do not get what we want to achieve. So following your passion is playing an indispensable role. Follow your passion means follow your dreams what you want to become in your life. Set your goals and accomplish them for that internal satisfaction that you have achieved something in your life.

If you have came to this earth there must be some reason and may be for doing something so strong that can make you alive into the history. This is what everyone should keep in mind. Other than this always remain social because loneliness kills a person from inside, means meet people, greet them, respect them and then is return the respect you get will give a reason to stay happy.

Showing respect, gratitude does no harm to anyone, its just fill you with that everlasting joy and an image in front of everyone which is hard to destruct or vanish. And in context with the last point, always keep smiling; as much as you smile you will attract people towards you. For example, if you had a very rough or a tired day what you can do in that case think about those memories which makes you feel relaxed or of all those people whom you love the most. This can be one way to keep you smiling.

Family is a very supportive part on everyone’s side because it is the only one which always motivates you, encourages you. Never show any disrespect to your family members because their lives are directly related to your life. Your happiness lies in their happiness. You will find many people to discourage you or to make you feel less confident but you should always maintain a distance from those kinds of people. You must embrace your mistakes. Realization of the mistakes you have done and then rectify them also makes you feel happy because there is no feeling of guilt or regret inside you that can make you feel you have done something wrong.

If you yourself is getting a chance of making up for your mistake then give other the same chance. Try to forgive them. Forgiveness does not mean that forget what was happened it is that you do not want to carry that pain more. And even it is well said that” forgiveness is the experience of peacefulness in the present moment”.These are some means. There can be many more ways, depending upon every individual how to stay happy? Your healthiness is directly affected by how much happy and alive you are in your life. And if you are healthy then wealth will automatically comes to you and that marks your success. All these things are directly or indirectly depending upon your happiness. So to achieve everything one should stay happy.


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