Good Job – How to Select One , Good Candidate – How to be One

I just reached near to my college final year end and it is the time of placements. Really so tough , teachers keeps on asking to learn something thing , improve our communication skills , it looks like reaching college final year is really like a hell.


Job search

One has to do too much work and pressure from all sides, everybody is expecting us to do super things in life and then comes in all those example talking about what our known people has achieved and we should also follow them and start earning fast.


Does it really important to do what others are doing, cant we really think of our own passion as profession. After few hours of job what if we realize that we are in wrong field . Wont it make Sad us by then and give a feel of regret of not doing for what we meant for.



Finally I made up my mind and thought to learn more and get selected in a good company as needs to earn money being a prime target for future. The moment this decision was taken , a new question arises what’s a good job for me.


How Should I select the post, what kind of questions the interviewer is going to ask. Do I need to say yes to everything, Do I need to ask something or just be quiet and behave like dumb person. Everyone starts giving me different suggestions and it is kind of more confusing even a aspirin can not take this headache out.


I started reading some Blogs , Articles on Internet and found really helpful but till the time I have not compiled them it was of no means. My Analysis brought me to below pints:


1) Be Calm and Patience – The first thing is to be calm and don’t panic whatever the situation arises for you in case of interview.


Most of the time we do mistake by getting panic and then automatically we start making mistakes resulting in negative results. So it is better to have some patience on the situations.


Common Situations which if we are proactive then we can call yourself as a success.

a) Plan all your documents, Dress, Shoes , Route and other necessary things one day prior of your Interview.

b) Move out at least 1 hour prior of your expected time to reach. There is no problem in reaching company and waiting , at least you can have a relax feel of reaching and getting your freshen up.

c) If they ask you to wait and there is a big queue of other candidates. It simply means it is a full test of your patience so be there till the time you are not be called off.

d) If you are being asked questions like come for second round, be there for hours or days for trial. Simply go for yes as it is an opportunity which should not be left aside.


2) Be Quick in Answer : Taking Gap while answer is the worst thing and goes totally against you. So if you are unsure of an answer or really don’t know it then simply go and say that You are unsure about this answer.


A round button with the words Get Answers on it
A round button with the words Get Answers on it

Companies like people who are straight forward and quick in there answers and decision.



3) Monetary Question: Don’t be very rigid on your question of monetary / salary if you are seriously looking for a job. Every company has there own policies and way of working . Most of the times we do mistake by comparing the policy of this company to another . Never play with Comparisons


4) General Question like  How long you can stay in office, How many years you will work with us, What are your hobbies, your strengths and related questions.

All these questions are actually un useful being most of the candidates will always say things which are totally untrue on there part but still HR people would like to ask these questions enabling them to judge you for your positive thoughts and flexibility.


5) Do Not use Sentences:  One should avoid sentences like I will check with my parents and let you know, Salary is too less, I can not learn more , I will do only limited work , Don’t ask me to stay extra team if needed, Can I have advance salary, Do you pay overtime for extra work, do you pay salary on time.



Such questions generally are irrelevant and will bring a negative approach about you towards your Interviewer. So the best practice is to just reply all questions calmly with no word fights and be there to grab the opportunity if it is given a green signal to you.



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