Geo-Enable Society

Geo-Enable Society
Geo-spatial technique is not new for world for it is slight odd for Indian People. People do not know the benefits of Geo-spatial technology. This technology is having very deep roots in the developed country but it is quite new for the developing countries where people are highly used to with traditional technique. Geo-enable society directly refers to the part of society where most of the work is planned and decided through a digital channel. Digital techniques requires the integration of spatial data and non spatial data to a single system. This technique can help us to solve complex environment problem such as climate change and urban crowd and the depletion of vegetation in the atmosphere.
On the other hand Geo technologies help us to frame our society with new dimensions.
Geo technologies are providing us very accurate data as well as the efficient way to complete a task. Even our government is also working to get all government data in digital data either it is of commerce sector or of environment sector. Most of the government organizations are now completely working on digital data. Geo technology is having a vast application in utility sector such as electricity, water, gas and even fiber networking. These utility sectors are getting good outcome through this technology. One can easily modify the software’s used in the this field. Most of the organization customizing the software’s under this technology according to their need.

This technology is having very less impact on Indian society but it is expected to grow in future where people are trying to use new technology as they are using the cashless transaction in these days in this current scenario only 20-30% people are aware about the fact that this technology can reduce the anthropogenic error and provide a result that might not be achievable through manual process. Most of the people are using navigation system and enjoying this feature in their smart phone. So time to come when people will use Geo- technology as they are using smart phones in these days. This type of practice will force our society to become GEO-ENABLE SOCIETY

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