Food and Youth are two interesting outlook which we find out every day with a new flavor, in a chirpy manner and of course lot of piping.

When we talk about youth so it is very difficult to judge what exactly going into their head as every another minute it’s a mood swing. But we all are youth so we will go our own way and we know what is better for us & what is not yes sometimes we ignore too but this is life as Youth and Food  is all about EASY PEASY. We love in doing new experiments, adventures with adapting lot of risk and excitement.

Food business is growing rapidly specially when we talk about street food and we youngsters run for street foods a lot.  It’s fast, fresh and a better way to see how locals eat. But, when we talk about adventurous eating, everybody, even those who don’t travel, want to know how to eat street food safely.

But while eating street food specially we can heed about it like:-


  1. You can follow the Locale Crowd where this mean we can observe our surroundings and the best way to hunt street food safely is to take note of where the locale crowd is eating food or where we find a crowd. As if we find any vendor is quiet so there can be a definitely suspect.
  2. We can also ask the locals to taxi drivers or auto Wheeler as they are very frequent to these places so they can give a good recommendation.
  3. We should also watch our food which is one of the best tip for eating street food safely is to observe how it’s cooked. If the food is stored out and washed with a tap water or we find while preparing we find something furious before being serve then better run away from that place or denied .
  4. We can avoid food which is made of mayonnaise as it quickly spoil our food item specially in hot hours until n unless you are not sure about vendor or you have eaten before from particular place.
  5. Take heed of drinking fruits shakes which are made with tap water or unpurified water as these days we see street food standard has go really UP so we can likely go there by paying little extra bucks.
  6. Well whether we are too stylish or too chirpy but the fact which nobody cant deny especially when it comes to food that health is only our real lap of luxury so we should not ignore.


With all of this food N Youth talk, maybe you’ll venture out your next food place with more heed .





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