Evolution of the Desk

Those who are in there early 30s can just rewind 10 years of there life or little more. Do you see your old days how were they ??
  • No Computers
  • Desk Full of Papers
  • Big Fax machine
  • Heavy Phone which you cant keep in your pocket
  • Newspaper
  • magazines
  • Sticky pads
  • Noted pads
  • Display Boards
  • White Boards
  • Pens everywhere
And then what is kept where, indexing in your mind to remember them. But they looks to be quite easy at that time being there was no alternative and one has to enjoy using them.
As soon as technology starts changing we all fastly adapted the update in tech gadges without any hesitation as it was a crytal clear with all of us that it is going to be a turnaround of our lives by moving to Next Generation of Gadgets.
If you have a picture of your old desk and todays desk just compare them. Todays’ Desk of your would be clear with no papers, only one machine which has all your daily need of works in it and easy to handle.
No Big remembering of things, no indexing of mind just easy and relax where end is nowhere , time is to make it more comfortable for a human being , to make it as small as it can be possible.
I was reading an article other day where saw that some copy got this fund to launch RAM which store GBs of data , flash memory which is cheaper ,very small can be carried in your pocket. So its like GBs/ TBs of data in your pocket with no big spend of money. Awesome isn’t it!!!
Once in a while statements hit our ears like we are getting in habitant of technology which might be true but again do you see harm if your life is becoming fast with use of resources which are hidden. If you disagree then wish / soon there would be a time machine to take you back at stone age and you can have a tour of what you missed and you dont want to be lived for . LOL
Time is now to control everything with voice commands . lets hope more gadgets for that on my table in coming years!
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