Encountering Hitches with Glitches

You can limit the ability of yourself from making progress. If you ignore your problems. You could let little challenges grow into Huge Obstacles by not dealing with them.
When you faced with Unusual situation, it tempts you to ignore them and not deal with them. Sometimes the effort required to deal with the problem seems too big. But it’s not so much that the problem is big but it requires you to admit something about yourselves or others that you just don’t want to face. The main obstacle is ‘’ You won’t find a solution by saying there is No problem’’.
: The Dangers of not handling the problems are,:
The longer you take to deal with our problems the bigger they grow and the harder it will be to sort them out. They are like Weeds that grow in a beautiful garden . If not recognized and uprooted early enough they will dominate the garden and choke the beautiful flowers in the garden. In fact we will forget there was ever a lovely garden. A problem that is not dealt with can lead to many problems. Unfortunately, problems are very social creatures and they will eagerly invite other problem into your life. By not controlling one, you may be opening the door to many others.
The best way to deal with the problems is to Change your Thinking. ‘’ The way you see the problem is the problem’’.
As Einstein said ‘’ You can’t solve a problem with the same kind of thinking that created it.’’ I like to think of Problems as ‘’OPPORTUNITIES’’ rather than problems because Problem is a Dead-End-Word. It leaves no way for solutions. When you award something as a OPPORTUNITY instead, it leaves your mind free to think about how to respond to it.
If you see the same as a temporary obstacle you are more likely to feel able to deal with it confidently.
Another main way to deal with a problem is to focus on the solution instead of focusing on the problem too much. Because it can make more impossible to solve. And change your thinking is to distance yourself emotionally from the problem. Because when you are emotionally involved in something it clouds your judgment and dulls your creativity. As
Mr. SUJIT LALWANI often says ‘’See OPPORTUNITIES in every PROBLEM’’. As he says come out of your Comforts and find a solution for the problems. Convert the way of looking towards the problems.
‘’ You have to leave your city of comfort and go into the wideness of your intuition, what you will discover will be totally yourself.’’
Finally ‘Laugh at you problem.’ Everybody else does. It is important to know that each and every problem has a solution and it is not end of your life. As long as you are breathing No problem is beyond its solution. Never loose the hope A free and fun loving mindset alone can help you to deal with your problems. Look ahead with confidence. Be focused on what you want and not wants in your path. Don’t be pushed by your problems. Follow your Dreams.

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