Ecommerce – Real Fundings or Just a Virtual Growth

Since 2000 Internet era is moving as a booster for technology and in last few years Ecommerce is going high like anything. Companies all around globe are being funded from one or another Venture Capitalist. The money is being pooling in like anything supporting Ecommerce companies compete with other industries easily

In Next Few year every one is expecting to buy things online as it is easily and is really helping people who have long working hours , who can not move to market and who want to buy things from any part of the world at best prices can easily get it . And now it is become more safe being steps taken up Ecommerce companies on product delivery and refund policies.


Many people states that Ecomemrce they are just growing virtually with no cash money and no profits , it is just they are increase there value but it is not like that as with trust shown by manufactures on Ecommerce companies by giving them there some of the products or services as niche not available to open market shows how big this market is going to be in few years and that is why more and more new plays into different segments are approaching market as pro active approach

Hope in Next Few years we are sitting at one place and buying things using our virtual mind with no use of Cell Phones and computers 🙂

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