Crazy People with Crazy Ideas!

When we see people out there on roads these days then it looks like very common work profile , something which they had been doing for years is they are following. Are they done with there dreams, do they really have no new thoughts to grow or do something different in there life.

How one can be so satisfied or just go with what they are getting in Life . It is like accepting something which is not meant for you. Have read in School times Right People for Right Job at Right Place at Right Time. But when I see today scenario it does not looks like happening positively at every places.

Everyone does not like to work 9 – 6 Job these days . There are some crazy people out there who have nice ideas, who want to do things differently , want to break boundaries created towards them and yes it is a risk for there career but if we see the people who had actually grown , None of them was the one who has work within boundaries and without craziness. This Craziness can make you surf your life faster and leave with no excuses when you grow at age of 60+.

So Give it a thought where you wish to proceed your Life , Your Dreams or Repetition of Things!

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