Craziness of life ending elements


Alcohol, cigarettes, weed “euuhh’ why the f***k aka “Freaking Ultimate Craziest Kick” we have to take it. Yeahh that’s a right question but these are the weird elements which is gonna ride you from normal to crazy like an insane horse. As craziness is mandatory to make your life happening. Have a peg of “ALCOHOL” and you will be like a poor chunk revealing all ur emotions as the best part is yet to come as you can beat your best rival or enemy without any fear tearing him apart. Have a drag of “MARIJUANA” (WEED) you will feel like that you are in heaven with the cheeky angles feeding you grapes i.e. your mental state would be in a peace mode. Have a drag of evil “CIGARETTE” your all stress and tension will disappear.
But my hunky pals don’t get addicted to it as u don’t want to remain crazy for your whole lifetime. One glass of beer would be sufficient in a month to have craziness but if you are overloading it can cause various problems to your liver which won’t be crazy. “MARIJUANA” can also be taken once a while in a month as it can be life threatening and it can affect your brain. If you are addicted to cigarettes you can eliminate the panic attacks by having a gum named “KWICNIC” or you can visit a rehabiliation centre to kick of your everlasting craziness of cigarettes. “CRAZINESS is good but never CRAVE for it”

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