Bottles on your Head – A Headache


Have you ever been into hypertension or depression?  Every day working , meeting people with positive and negative energy is really not easy , to some extent even one try to control it will affect your mind and change your thoughts positive to negative or vice versa.
Some people don’t know what to do know when there belief system collapses and they themselves start collapsing and very soon it can become a disaster. Very few overcomes it with there strength and energies they have builded around them which keep on protecting them from such downfall.
Human life is build in such a form that every day will give you a lesson , making you new things learn. We should grasp that opportunities instead of spending and thinking what will happen next. Past is like a germ which keeps spreading on you if you are living in it. Future is something you can not control whatever hard you do. Only thing you can do is make your present better so you have a future which you have been seeing for yourself and thus possibly resulting in no bottles on your head and a free mind with free life and lots of smile.
Try with a cup of tea or coffee and relax when you have been hit with bottles instead of thinking for it and getting it increased!

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