Smoking is bad for smoker as well everyone else. The tobacco smoking consists of chemical compounds. It includes carbon monoxide. Inactive smoking may cause wheezing, sore throat, dizziness. Due to inactive smoking there are some of serious damages which id done to children at the period of formative years, it may cause children hospitalization. It is said that “Smoking reduces stress “apart from this it reduces your life not stress.   It would be traumatic for you if someone ill or died due to your smoking habit … Smoking indicates your personality as carelessness about your health, tour loved ones.

Smoking kills your earned money, it Kills your some precious minutes, it kills happiness of your loved ones … last but not the least it Kills your life … If you think thatsmoking makes you cool , but bigger then you there is no fool” . For better healthy life   you mustburns calories instead of cigarettes “. 

I want to share one of my experience.. My friend  was waiting for me I said him just wait I will be there in 15 mints when I reached  he was smoking .. I was shocked and asked him how many packets do you smoke in a day?  He said 3 or 4.  That was shocking response from his side.

To  quit the smoking there are some chewing gums  NICORETTE , NICOTEX , HABITROL , KWIKNIC etc….


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