Becoming Rich or secure job : A Rate race

Now a days every single person wants to be rich or just want to secure their job.

If you look at the life of the average educated ,hardwoking person , there is a similar path,the child is born and goes to school.the proud parents are excited because the child excels,gets fair to good grades and he/she is accepted into a college.

The child graduates then looks fora safe secure job or career.

Then they advise their own children to ‘study hard , get good grades , and find a safe job or career ‘.they learn nothing about money , except from those who profit who profit from their naivete,and work hard all their lives.

This process repeats into another hard working generation . This is the “RATE RACE”


For becoming rich we have to get out from that type of rate race and follow some steps to become rich

– Don’t work for for Learn , skills

– develop good skills and focus on them to become expert in those skills

– be confident

– Write your every idea in diary and be crazy for them to complete it.

– trust yourself , love yourself.

– Learn about finance , investments and about taxes

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