Basic Structure of Digital Marketing

  1. Strategic Plan for Digital Media Promotion:


We always need digital media promotion strategy to achieve the goal. To achieve the goal needed resources, time and proper investment source so that we can reach the target audience. For Branding/Product Promotion/Lead Generation has to use all our available resources in different advertisement platforms where people are search or looking for product and Social Communicating platforms to share the reviews on product


  1. Analysis the Traffic Source:

In Digital Media Marketing online promotion, analysis the traffic behavior that who much time it will take while he/she or Buyer or Consumer goes on other networks to reach before taking the final decision to buy a product or Service. What types of reviews he/she share about the product if there is positive reviews about product and services then it will help in Increasing the Sales and negative reviews move sales downward.

Relevant terms and connections in the online marketing business
Relevant terms and connections in the online marketing business


  1. Digital Marketing Pyramid for Brand/Organization:

Its complete analysis of Organizations in field of Digital Media.

It depends on level of Pyramid Structure of organizations standing if its starts with non-digital level that means it have not connected to digital platforms. If should have dedicated website presence on media channel like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and many other different platform depends upon different product have different social media platform to promote.

In “e” engagement level, the brand integrates at all the levels. In experience, the brands /organizations and institutes in India  are still struggling in level 2 – presence and level 3 – engagement. And most of the time they are skeptic about the privacy issue, burden of customer care on online platforms and lack of skilled man power to manage it properly.

  1. Digital Media is Wait and Study the Result:12

It is important to analysis the audience behavior on ads of product or services which organization or Brands want to promote on digital media platforms. Analysis the insight of ads on platform, creating the engage creative and landing page for the ads should more related to product and services , that promote target will be achieve goal. Online Campaign Should be run for 6 month to 1 years so that Organization can easily analysis the exposure of Brand or services over define area. Create a better awareness among clients.


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