Amazing beauty advantages of green tea for hair and skin

Most people assume green tea is nice just for health. Whereas it helps with weight loss and improves metabolism, you must examine its advantages for your skin and hair too.

Slows down skin ageing

Since green tea has antioxidants, it slows down the ageing method and makes your skin look immature. The skin shows signs of ageing like fine lines, wrinkles, etc. once it’s not well-hydrated and joined nears biological time. So as to combat this, drink green tea daily this can scale back the looks of lines by boosting collagen production.

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Relieves puffy eyes

A cold green tea bag will facilitate relieve those puffy eyes and dark circles. It shrinks blood vessels below the eyes so reducing symptom. This additionally helps tighten droopy skin providing you with an underclassman look. Green tea is additionally a natural astringent.

Increases hair growth

Green tea helps strengthen the roots and preps the hair follicles for regrowth. It helps increase blood circulation because it contains a molecule that stimulates hair growth.

Cleanses the scalp

Parasites and different infections cause the roots to weaken and fall. Green tea clears off of these microorganism and plant life parasites from your scalp. These parasites square measure accountable for weakening hair roots so inflicting hair fall.

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How to use inexperienced tea?

Green tea and sugar scrub

If you wish a home remedy to assist tighten your skin and provides you a natural glow, apply some green tea with refined sugar and water. Split opens the tea bag and use the tea with sugar and water. Combine these well associate degreed apply it everywhere your face for an all-natural exfoliating face scrub.

Green tea and sugar moisturizing corrective

You could combine some tea in liquid type with milk cream and sugar. Combine these ingredients into a fine paste and apply it on your face. Leave this pack for over quarter-hour and wash well with heat water. This pack helps moisturizing dry skin.

Green tea and rice flour corrective

Prepare a cup of tea and let it cool. Once done, add some rice flour to the present and stir well. Make sure the mixture may be a fine paste. To the present paste, add a pair of drops of lemon and blend well once more. Lather this mixture everywhere your face. This corrective is nice for greasy skin.

Green tea ice cubes

A toner helps enhance any beauty and skin care regime. Tea being wealthy in antioxidants acts as an ideal skin toner and frees the skin from dead cells. For this, brew some tea and let it cool off utterly. Then, pour it into associate degree ice receptacle. Once cubes type simply rub these on your face. This helps in reducing all the surplus oil and cleanses clogged pores.

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