73% of the Indians rely on Mobiles for booking hotel rooms

Summer Vacations are here ! and you have developed strong desires of travelling and exploring the world.

But wait…. At first , you have to book hotel room, and that too before everyone else allots them !

so what do you do??!!

Most of you use your very own smartphone , go through a perfect mobile app ,read all the plans ,choose a suitable one and get your payments done ! and tanna !!!Your room is booked!

So guys ,this is what im talking about ! Recent study says that

73% Indians book hotel rooms on mobiles .

So yeah,congratulations ! You are one among them.

Now have a look at this:

According to a recent study by Hotels.com says that 73% of the Indians book their hotels room on mobiles while only 45% choose traditional booking through a travel agency and rest Indians use other devices like personal computers.

So, Indians whether you are on business trips ,may be short break trip or booking a room while attending a particular event ,you all do it your phone.

Why do we prefer Mobile for booking hotel rooms ???

umm …nice question.

Obviously the Right Payment Method – its easy Afterall and not a rocketscience to understand.

And thankGod for genuine Guest Reviews .
Also, more than 80% of people feel their smartphone makes them more spontaneous.

So guys !! Book your hotels room on Mobile !! and one more thing …You cannot travel by just sitting at you favourite Sofa or Bed!!

Get Up and be a Vagabond cause “ Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore. ” – Andre Gide

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