4 Tools to Optimize Your Mobile Email Marketing Campaign

Email selling gets lots of attention however what doesn’t get lots of attention is that the mobile email selling campaigns and however virtually fifty p.c of all email selling emails goes to mobile devices. this is often a awfully vital trend with without stopping in website – after you send your next email selling campaign out, the bulk of your customers area unit aiming to browse it on their smartphones not on their applications program.

This leads America to the question area unit your emails properly optimized for opens and reads, in conjunction with click through from mobile devices. Mobile open rates area unit around a humongous three hundred p.c. So, now could be the time for you to begin taking your mobile improvement seriously. Let’s begin by watching four tools you will use to optimize your mobile email selling.



#1 JPEG mini We will begin with a winning app that’s straightforward to use. transfer speeds area unit usually terribly slow on mobile devices, that is why it thus vital for you to form certain you retain the file size down. JPEG mini is one program that may be wont to considerably scale back your image size before you add them to your email. It’s simply a couple of easy clicks to cut back the scale by the maximum amount as eighty p.c.

#2 Litmus If you are like most you have got one or two of email templates that you just wish to use over and over. acid-base indicator could be a tool that you just will use each currently so to audit the templates you employ. it will show you the way your guide goes to appear in varied email shoppers. It’s a superb tool to use before you launch any huge campaign if your budget permits for it.

#3 Theme Forest Testing can reveal however well your templates work on mobile devices. It’s common for them to be too wide or for the font to be too little. this can gravel your subscribers and it may have a awfully negative impact on your email selling campaign. Instead, use email templates designed for mobiles devices to avoid these problems. Theme Forest is one in all those programs that may assist you. These templates may be custom thus you get precisely what you would like.

#4 Mail-chimp You can simply manage your entire email selling campaign mistreatment Mailchimp. Mailchimp even provides a video that shows you the way to form accountable emails. To make the foremost of your mobile email selling campaigns make the most of those tools.


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