10 things to do when you find out you are going to be a mom!

OMG!! You are going to be parents soon.. What to do next.. i cant belive I will be a mom…Oh I will get so fat.. yay!! We will be parents soon!

All kind of thoughts run through your mind as soon as you get to know the glorious news. You are full of excitement and confused at the same time about what to do next. There are several things that you can do to make this journey absolutely memorable:

  1. Don’t tell people till your first trimester is over

I know it is really hard to control the excitement of sharing the great news with your friends. But wait before you put it on facebook! I prefer to keep this a secret for the first trimester as the baby is very vulnerable during this period. My biggest fear to having to go back and tell if any unfortunate event occurs. God forbid! Its better to wait for 13 weeks, as the rate of miscarriage drops dramatically after that.

  1. Take lots of pictures

This is fun! Take lots and lots of pictures that will be memories forever. You can click yourself weekly or monthly and it will be exciting to see the changes. Make it interesting by putting some text on it or click with your husband kissing the belly. Internet is flooded with very cute photoshoot pictures to give you lots of ideas. Just click!1

  1. Document your pregnancy

This is worth the time you put in. Just get a photobook, scrapbook or a pregnancy journal and fill in your information. You can document your experiences and photos to share with your kids later. Its a nice way to remember how your nine months were like.


  1. Use lotions early

I noticed stretch marks early and they were everywhere- my chest, thighs, butts and stomach. I started applying lotion everywhere and I think it helped me. Your skin grows and stretches to make space for the baby. So its absolutely important to keep your skin hydrated with lotion.


  1. Read a lot

What to expect when you’re expecting is a popular book. Read as much as you can, especially if this is your first baby then you want to get as much information as you can to ensure healthy growth of the little angel.  Parenting is not easy so pick up a book and start, because it really does help.(Read: www.momzjoy.com/blog)


  1. Stick to a workout plan

Workout is crucial during pregnancy to keep you healthy and give you strength, which helps in delivery. You can find out the stretches and exercises recommended for expecting mothers (read-what to  expect while you are expecting) and make your workout routine. This will help you be flexible and will make your lower body strong. What’s more, exercises will help you loose weight faster as you will be used to workout.


  1. Shop for your maternity wardrobe

Gone are the days when women felt fashion was not for moms-to-be. You can now be fashionably pregnant without spending too much. Most garments grow with you and can be used beyond pregnancy too. So shop your maternity wear and look cute. Show off your bump! Feel confident! Be happy! Nothing beats a joyful mum.You can shop at MOMZJOY.COM for chic and comfortable maternity and nursing wear that fits during and post pregnancy. (Visit www.momzjoy.com to view full collection)

  1. Research about baby products

You have nine months to find out the best products for your child. You can start with strollers, car seats and clothes. Do your research, shop online, ask your friends about product reviews and see the items in person if you can. Its for your baby, so you would want nothing but the best. Make your selections and you can buy when its time!


  1. Plan what to do when your baby is born

Planning what to do when your baby arrives will help you save lot of time. Getting the passport and other documents in place is a must. Earlier, the better. Shop for nursing wear (try Momzjoy.com to feed in privacy and comfort) and feed in style and comfort.



  1. Check your medications

Once you are expecting, its better to consult your doctor before you take any medicine. Some chemicals are not recommended during pregnancy and hence its better to consult a doctor than to be sorry. So if you were on any skin, allergy or any other medication, visit your doctor for his/her opinion.

Article by: Divya Gupta, Co-founder MomzJoy.com

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