Difficult Choices, Daily Decisions

In today’s world, the part of our lives are having hard choices and disputing options. The hassle with it is how can we perceive whether the decision we take is right or it merely seems right due to our personal desires and an attachment? 

Firstly, we have to realize that vast majority of actions of people are connected with personal desires which is completely normal. It is human’s behavior. In fact, the motivating power of his desires makes his stratagem possible! We should first concentrate on avoiding harmful desires (which keep us in lethal bondage) with virtuous ambitions that flatten our higher nature. In this way, we are moved closer to the Divine. We progress steadily towards true yearnigness in which all the desires have been endlessly fulfilled. Until we reach that state, our vision and wisdom are guided by desires. No question arises about it.!

Now, how to choose correctly in any given situation ?

To know its answer, we are required to govern our judgments by the power of intuition. We humans are well graced with the “sixth sense”, but most of us do not use it.  Instead, we rely on the rest five senses. Sometimes, those five senses do not give the right data upon which we can react in the right way or make the right decisions. The ego-identified mind interprets things according to their likes & dislikes rather than according to what is true for the soul. A Human makes decisions based on his external senses and whatever lower mind tells him that often end up being in trouble!

I hope we will comprehend the importance of a regular period for going within for guidance. By doing so, we can become more stabilized; calmer; our discriminating insight awakens. We will get free from those bounded habits, desires, emotions & attachments that compel us to behave in an explicit way.

We should learn to look at situations clearly, without the “Blinders” of emotions. The two forms of blindness, psychological and spiritual, occur when our prejudice is clouded by desires and emotions. Thus we get confused and incompetent to reason distinctly, under the sway of emotions.  We don’t have to run around like a chicken with the head cut off! We must be like a steel inside & not get emotional. Emotions petrifies our ability to think clearly resulting a situation apprehend accordingly. So if every human being would learn to separate facts from his opinions, there would be much more understanding and peace in the world.

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